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  • Dorothy Patterson

A Tribute: Florence Littauer

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Extraordinary women cross the stage of history in every generation. Florence Littauer spanned at least four generations with her inspiring and encouraging words from the public platform as well as the printed page, which will continue for many generations to come. Every woman—grandmother, mother, wife, daughter, granddaughter, sister—should read something from Florence's pen or use the link herewith to access her verbal message. You will be blessed!


As I am remembering, I have called Florence Littauer my mentor and friend for over three decades. I have watched Florence in action whether in her CLASS seminars (and I attended more than one and encouraged my sisters, daughter, staff, and women I have mentored to do the same), in the educational venues in which I have worked—a Bible college and two seminaries, or on a myriad of public platforms!

She was an amazing and consistently superior communicator with audiences of any size or makeup. Florence had the ability to develop and deliver a message—factual and relevant content accented with colorful and authentic illustration—so that no one in the audience was missed. You might revel in new insights, laugh and delight in a true and memorable story, have imprinted in your brain a one-liner you would remember forever, and finish with a commitment to do whatever you needed to do! One of her most unique gifts was to give every listener exactly what was needed by that individual heart—no one left her presence without taking something away!

However, far dearer to my heart than her professional excellence and entertaining presentations was the fact that she remained my true friend from the day we met until her translation to the heavenly court. After several years of no connection, she called me in January—just when I needed her—and we talked about family and friends and a myriad of topics and relived memories and blessings! I know that I am a better wife and mother, a more effective communicator and theologian, and certainly a more loving and faithful friend because I have known and learned from an amazing woman!


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